Nineteen Eighties
August 1982: Organizational Meeting
September 1982: Articles of Incorporation
March-April 1983The Wizard of Oz
June 1983Barefoot in the Park
July 1983Once upon a Brutebeast
Spring 1984Ten Little Indians
Fall 1984Dracula, Darling
Spring 1985South Pacific
December 1985A Christmas Carol
Spring 1986Annie Get Your Gun
1986Plaza Suite
Spring 1988Bye Bye Birdie
1988Dirty Work at the Crossroads
1988: Talley’s Folly (a traveling show), children’s summer story-time programs, and theater arts workshops

Nineteen Nineties
December 1999A Christmas Carol

Two Thousand Ones
2000You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
2001Charlotte’s Web
2002Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor(R) Dreamcoat, Variety Show
2003Fiddler on the RoofBeauty and the Beast (PFCT*), Variety Show
2004Alladin [sic] and His Magic Lamp (PFCT), “Disappearance of Death” (IMM*), “Love Writes a Deadly Verse” (IMM), Variety Show
2005She Was Only Marginally Modest, “Murder Plays a Serious Note” (New Year’s Eve IMM), Robin Hood (PFCT)
2006The Music Man, “The Baudette Centennial Pageant”, Tom Sawyer (PFCT), New Year’s Eve Thirties Nightclub Variety Show
2007The Miracle WorkerAlice in Wonderland (PFCT)
2008Pinocchio (PFCT), “Death in Them Thar Hills” (New Year’s Eve IMM)
2009Theory of Mind (MBT*), Love Letters (Readers’ Theater), The Sound of MusicThe Wizard of Oz (PFCT)

Twenty Tens
2010Dr King’s Dream (MBT), Snow White (PFCT), “An Evening of Good Taste” (selections from Phantom of the Opera), “North Star: The Musical” (musical skit for North Star Electric’s 75th Anniversary), “1910 Fire Pageant”
2011Daughters of Africa (MBT), Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad (Readers’ Theater),Minnecanos (MBT), “I Loathe a Parade” (IMM), Beauty and the Beast (PFCT)
2012Hijab Tube (MBT), “I Love a Parade” (patriotic pageant), Midsummer Night’s Dream (PFCT), The ForeignerTheory of Mind (MBT)
2013Jack and the Beanstalk (PFCT), African America (MBT)
2014Peter Pan (PFCT)
2015Greek Mythology Olympiaganza
2015Sleeping Beauty (PFCT)
2016Pinocchio (PFCT)
2017Variety Show
2017Snow White (PFCT)


*PFCT = Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre production
*IMM = Interactive Murder Mystery
*MBT = Mixed Blood Theatre traveling production

This is not an exhaustive list, but it contains the greater share of Pequana’s activities over the years.